What Are the Characteristics of the Best Load Boards for Truckers

At the heart of all the complicated protocols and processes involved with shipping and transportation today lies one fundamental truth; efficiency matters. For carriers, finding profitable shipping loads is what it is really all about. Carriers and truckers want to find the most profitable loads easier, with less time, with less wasted human resources, and with less haggling. They want to price incoming freight accurately, have technology to handle the negotiation, the ability to quote rates and availability easily, and be able to book the shipment, as well as secure payment. Finding the best load boards for truckers simplifies the process and allows for better adaptability as markets and consumer needs continue to change. Here are the top characteristics to look for in the best load boards and why they're so important. 

Understanding the Importance of Finding the Best Load Board for Truckers  

It is fairly common knowledge that nearly two-thirds of America's freight is transported via truckload shipments. The average trucker logs over 100,000 miles and will spend over 200 nights away from home every year. There are many reasons to use a load board. As a carrier or owner-operator, the ultimate goal remains the same: to get the best loads at the most profitable rates. A load board designed with truckers in mind can help improve truckload services in several ways:

  • Find and book loads that meet specific specifications unique to a particular business, equipment type, and trucking capabilities.
  • Understand changes to the current market rates and guarantee access to the most up-to-date data to help negotiate fair rates with shippers.
  • Establish and maintain relationships throughout the supply chain network that can be used down the road to overcoming disruptions in capacity and load availability.
  • Maximize profits on each load by reducing fees and expenses, improving capacity utilization, and maximize such space with backhauls and LTL to FT consolidation opportunities.

As explained by TAFS, trucking load boards are a vital tool for carriers that can help them get the loads they need. However, just knowing what trucking load boards offer is not enough. To truly be successful and grow in these volatile markets, transportation service providers need to understand how to navigate these boards and utilize them efficiently. Finding the best trucking load boards means finding one with the following features and services.

High-Quality Loads and Capacity Available

One key feature to consider for the best load board for truckers is the quality of the loads available and the consolidated capacity opportunities that exist on the site. A higher rate might make the difference, even if there are fewer individual postings available, but if the quality of the load isn’t up to par, it may not be worth the extra effort to move the load.

Availability of Sorting and Filtering Among Tendered Freight Options

Once a load has been reviewed, the next thing to consider is how competitive the pricing options appear for you as a carrier. The ability to customize available loads and tendered rates, as well as the ability to better organize, review, and compare freight by profitability can make a world of difference. As such, carriers can know whether the selected load is the right step, or if this is one load that a shipper will need to re-tender at a higher rate for transportation procurement.

Informative, Real-Time Updates Provided 

Data remains king in a digital-driven market. The ability to access accurate and up-to-date information regarding tendered loads, capacity, availability and competitor rates can give carriers the upper hand. Informed decisions based on analytics provide a solid competitive advantage that truckers can use to outbid the competition too.

Innovations and Integrations Come Standard

Another feature to consider when choosing the best load board for truckers in a certain market niche is the innovations involved. Integrated systems, access to digital tools, and automated systems have become a standard expectation among carriers and shippers alike. Integration with your existing fleet management software, TMS or other resources will go a long way to improving your profitability as a trucker too.

Built-in TMS Platform Compatibility

Leveraging the power of digital freight matching within a load board that integrates smoothly with existing TMS platforms is vital to effective network management. That same functionality can reduce your work in finding top-quality loads while also helping to manage your assets too.

Automation and Machine Learning

In a world driven by e-commerce and automation, the best load board for truckers is one that embraces machine learning and digital innovations. Updated systems, technology, and tools make it easier for carriers to maximize profits while reducing expenses, relying on continuously adjusting algorithms to find the best load that needs transport based on your availability.

Extensive Network Access

Carriers want to find available loads quickly and efficiently, while also needing maximum exposure for their capacity and availability. Tapping into an extensive trucking network is easier with direct access to a superior load board platform. It’s that simple. 

Route Optimization Technology and Tools

Another key advantage carriers will want to capitalize on is the ability to offer optimized routes and shipping methods. Available loads specific to modes, delivery requests, and unique equipment needs will be easily viewable on the best load board for truckers.  

Predictive Planning and Analysis Tools

Data availability is critical, but the ability to analyze and apply it within your approach to route planning, bidding on spot freight, and load management forms the basis of actual shipment throughput. Predictive planning for budgets, schedules, ETAs, and delivery specifics are easier to manage with the proper load board access, so you can worry less about your arrival/departure time and more about staying on the road. And the best resources will make predictivity and data analytics a cornerstone of value-added features within it.

On-Demand Service Access

The final feature that a world-class load board will provide drivers with is dependable access to assistance when needed. Automated communications and feedback make it easier for trucking carriers to respond to disruptions and delays in real-time as they occur. 

Find the Best Load Boards for Truckers With newtrul Connections

The supply chain is continuously evolving, and today’s load boards will continue to expand in number. That much is certain as new companies and startups look to tap into the freight brokering and transportation pie. However, not all load boards are created equally, and some may possess limited loads, few carriers and offer little hope for finding meaningful connections. Regardless, the best load boards for truckers will leverage the power of connectivity and integrated systems, like newtrul, to bring more capacity and resources into the mix. Learn more about the value of an integrated solution to capacity and loads by requesting a newtrul demo today.

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