The 3 Hallmarks of A Shipper to Carrier Load Board That Lowers Cost to Serve

Shipper to carrier load boards offer significant benefits. A shipper to carrier load board enables companies within the trucking industry to transact with less friction. Shippers can list loads available for pick up in the quest to secure capacity at a price that meets the freight budget. Brokers can source carriers that meet expected service levels and allows the broker to secure higher profit margins. Carriers can choose which loads to pick up and book. The ease of using a shipper to carrier load board allows for a more productive and efficient tender workflow. These resources operate similarly to an efficient brokerage to ensure streamlined business and transportation of products. Economic load boards enable shippers, brokers and carriers to conduct business with just a few clicks efficiently. 

A Shipper to Carrier Load Board Must Focus on Shipper Needs

A shipper to carrier load board must focus on the shipper’s needs. Shippers predominantly occupy load boards and these boards exist to connect shippers with suitable carriers within the digital freight marketplace. Load boards that fail to understand or meet the needs of the shipper will not operate efficiently. To operate efficiently, shipper to carrier load boards should have the ability to accommodate shippers to the best of their ability. This ensures business continuity and that the process of utilizing the load board can lead to recurring business. Load boards enable shippers to form better business relationships with carriers. 

Additionally, shipper to carrier load boards that prioritize the shipper incentivizes the carrier to perform at an optimal level. This encourages carriers to develop stronger relationships within the load board. According to KeepTruckin,The more relationships that you can put in your back pocket, the better off you’ll be.” It all adds up to ensuring shippers have access to more carriers and, ergo, more capacity.

The Right Shipper to Carrier Load Board Will Leverage Integration to Enable Automation

The right shipper to carrier load board will encourage integration to enable automation. Load boards that focus on integrating data and analytics can work towards a more streamlined business model. The correct load board will automate workflows and reduce volatility in the spot market. Additionally, the right load board will leverage trusted carriers that currently reside under contract. Automation increases efficiency across the supply chain. This means no additional fees, increased transportation quality, and no unnecessary communication pit stops. It also encourages more shippers and carriers to conduct their business on the load board. This increase in traffic leads to more money made and more business conducted. 

Successful Load Boards Are Easy to Use by Both Shippers and Carriers, Increasing Adoption/Use Rates

Successful load boards are easy to use for both shippers and carriers. That much is simple. And shipper to carrier load boards assist with increasing adoption and use rates. Although load boards quickly help both shippers and carriers, finding the best load boards may prove challenging. Even worse, the wrong load board could lead to higher costs and make it challenging to find the best loads. These tips can assist with finding the right load boards to fit the needs of both shippers and carriers:

  • Understand current supply and demand. Supply and demand determine truckload spot rates, and current knowledge of this ensures better rates.
  • Look for load boards with quality carrier traffic. Boards utilized by quality carriers ensure that shippers can efficiently conduct business and have the right carriers that have the capacity, meet service level expectations, and meet the shipper’s budget.
  • Look to see that the load board can perfectly suit your needs. Each shipper operates differently and will be looking to fulfill different needs. Make sure that the load board in question could provide the optimal level of assistance. 

Choose a Successful Load Board by Using the Right Tech From the Start.

Shipper to carrier load boards offer excellent value for both shippers and carriers. Load boards that can best suit the shipper’s needs have the highest probability of creating meaningful partnerships. Efficiency and automation make for the most significant factors for any load board. Choose a successful load board by using the right tech from the start. Request a newtrul demo to get started.


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