Private Load Boards - Positioning Yourself as a Trusted Carrier


It's always useful to put yourself in your customer's shoes and see things from their point of view. From a shipper's perspective, there is a lot of risk involved when their freight is in transit. Just like you, they are exposed to extreme liability, including accidents, loss of expensive cargo, difficult clients, loss of customer loyalty, and fraud. Well-run private load boards provide shippers the confidence that they need and the security you deserve.

Vetted carriers are better for shippers. 

Since private load boards are only available to pre-qualified carriers, the qualification requirements are built-in based on the shipper's business rules, which leads to quality service, improved relationships, and increased revenues for everyone. As you know, this is a relationship business, and what better way to foster that relationship than through a private digital load board? 

As a carrier, price is not the only value proposition you have. Shippers and brokers are looking for long-term relationships with carriers that meet their specifications so they can consistently meet customer expectations. They are looking for carriers they can trust. They are looking for partners— positioning yourself as a trustworthy partner can lead to long term profit.  


Reducing liability for shippers

Just like you are wary of shippers and brokers you haven't worked with before, they are wary of you (or carriers they haven't worked with before). There are no fender benders in OTR freight. Accidents commonly result in loss of life, loss of goods, or even massive lawsuits, which can severely damage a shipper's business or reputation.

Many issues can also go wrong with a shipment - damage, cargo theft, carrier compliance issues, and more. Shippers and brokers ideally want to find carriers with a sound reputation. They are looking for proof such as:

  • Does the carrier follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations?
  • Are there past issues with improperly loaded materials?
  • Are driver qualifications sound?
  • Does the carrier have specialized freight knowledge (if applicable)?
  • Is the carrier known to be responsive? - Are they reachable, and do they provide real-time tracking?

Interested in a demo of newtrul?

So what's in it for you? 

How do private load boards help you reduce deadhead and leverage the customers you want to transact with more? Private load boards put the ball back in your court. They give you control. Private load boards provide you with access to high integrity, reliable freight with trusted partners. They cut out the AI-generated spam emails, calls, and texts that only serve to slow down your operations. They also connect you directly with available shipments in your customers' TMS systems, rather than fake, manual, postings. Overall they give you back the time you so desperately need to grow your business and service your customers.

How newtrul helps carriers

Each year over 29 BILLION MILES are driven with empty or partially empty trucks. This leads to lost time and money. newtrul seeks to change this statistic. newtrul is free to carriers and offers:

  • An extensive network of shippers and brokers accessed through a single portal
  • Live connection to your customers available shipments (real loads)  
  • Book or bid with 2 clicks. No calls. No emails

newtrul cuts through the noise and helps better connect carriers to loads. Get a demo to experience how!  

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