Optimizing the Trucking Network: How Brokers & Shippers Are Using Tech

Logistics managers working within the trucking network today have to keep up with the newest innovations and technological advances to maintain a competitive advantage. Those truckload carrier managers unable or unwilling to embrace technology within the transportation network will fall behind and lose their competitive edge. However, the human touch and element both remain critical to keeping a supply chain functioning smoothly. 

Technology Empowers Shippers and Brokers with Data to Manage Owned Assets and Equipment

Bringing together the right mix of modernization and human creativity empowers shippers and brokers through improving access to data and innovations. According to a recent industry survey posted by the Journal of Commerce Online, this comprises many transportation service providers who thrive and those that struggle. The empowerment of technology and automation cannot be overstated or overemphasized in today's tumultuous times.  Technology can make or break the trucking network in the long run, and it is well worth investing time and resources into the network in this manner. 

Collaborative Platforms Enable Real-Time Data Sharing Within Trucking Networks

Monitoring shipments, also known as trace and track, now primarily operates under the direction of AI and computers. However, shippers still want a human element to be involved in shipping and transportation processes. For those who use technology in their supply chains, taking full advantage of that data means the proper collection, analysis, and utilization within the platform and networks. 

Shippers can more easily focus on boosting investment returns by integrating systems and taking advantage of collaborative opportunities. Data sharing, teamwork, and combined technology can increase profits and ensure future growth throughout the supply chain network. 

Improved Accountability Allows Brokers to Get Paid Faster and Build Better Carrier Relationships

Increased cooperation among shippers, carriers, brokers, and managers all enhance accountability and improve inter-network relationships. The newest technologies upgrade processes and methods and help bring everyone up to the same level with innovation and supply chain service. 

Supply chain professionals can improve capacity and cost management by taking advantage of multi-shipper collaborations and other features otherwise unavailable to them. When relationships are solidly maintained, they grow more beneficial and influential over time. Every team member becomes accountable as what happens at one stage of the process can impact everyone else. Profits and further growth become a team effort thanks to improved partnerships within the trucking network. 

Reduced Confusion Helps to Avoid "Rushes" in Managing the Dock and Scheduling Appointments

Generally accepted predictions hold that logistics and transportation services will continue experiencing volatility and a certain degree of disruption in 2021 and for several years still to come. Securing growth and stability during times like these requires innovative strategies. From retailers changing traditional processes and consumers driving innovative changes to shipment and logistical practices, out-of-date methods can no longer keep pace.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are supporting growth within the network. All this innovation makes it easier to manage scheduling, shipping, and inventory to prepare for seasonal rushes. When data can point to coming trends and gives shippers and brokers the power to adapt and scale as needed, rushes become less troublesome to address. Preparing for inventory fluctuations, implanting demand forecasting, collaborating on production scheduling, and utilizing trucking network innovation can help improve end-to-end functionality. 

Integrated Systems Enable Bid and Book Now Functionality to Source Transportation Without Delay

For shippers, carriers, and freight brokers, integrating an up-to-date transportation service management system is critical for continued growth. As new and improved logistics solutions and platforms become available, it is more critical than ever to integrate this technology and automation into current processes. 

This will give transportation service providers access to the latest in emerging technology like real-time visibility, smart booking, and scheduling from start to finish. These innovations can also help with automated bid submission and review, service performance benchmarking, network collaboration, improved capacity management, better data utilization, sharing, and overall improved trucking network functionality. 

Increase Your Network Optimization by Choosing the Right Trucking Network Brokerage Software

The key to successfully navigating the modern supply chain is finding the right balance of technology and human innovation. Both remain necessary, and marrying the two will ensure optimization of transportation networks of all sizes as brokers and shippers work together more efficiently. Get the best brokerage software available today by choosing the right truckload freight collaboration tools and partnerships. Request a newtrul demo to get started right now. 


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